Balkon, 1999 (7. évfolyam, 1-12. szám)

1999 / 1-2. szám

, the previous show iu . fnre takingfolded; then the busn> Stu\PUl nf Even befoK b„„d\ down and carrie & «s 0f K rSS 'SÍ i I». More *S* ;1«S, projections, plenty of food, gotfe iwBg» frocks, Wide landscapes, animals, stages, garbaJ" 30fes’machines, echoes, texts, smells, furniture, huge ’ tides', broadcasting stations, and slippery plants. On the third day, we have at least tunneled some alleys that make it possible to move between the loosely piled heaps and stacks. Searching for the most appropriate mode to undo each object, we use our hands, pure water and erasers, and later steel wool, knives, acid, paint, rays, guns and electricity - and from time to time, just one object against the other. In the evening, Tases^US are injured and bleeding, others poisoned by the l^e while our actions become more and wore °fthe\u' the fifth day, even the window-shutters but ^ a\ are closed and it is entirely dark ins' ^ flo°V and att ^jeep the rubbish, ash and blood Sm? LSRto <f°or.'TUe 's wheel-harrowed out t ,r°qü one °f the following rn ' floor is washed care ^ April, and the sim nu' rn'ngs, the windows are °Petl ' the Mindem Shmes brightly into the huge Gothic space, s, a ijfo'ds arc taken off from the sculptures’ eyes. The n ay silence of the small town is broken from time to time by its pealing bells — and there are still weeks to wait.