Karikázó, 1979. július - 1980. április (5. évfolyam, 1-4. szám)

1979-07-01 / 1. szám

JULY 1 Tradition Preserving Groups'County Festival BALATONLELLE 7-8 County-wide F. D. Fest, and Qualifying/GYOR 11-26 International Unions'F.D.Fest SZEGED 21-29 Hungarian Experience Seminar,SÁROSPATAK 24-Aug. 4 Folklore Tour of the Palóc Region contact:Dr. G. Lowrey (217)367-1752 23-Aug. 3 Continuation Course for Dance Group Leaders from Abroad * BUDAPEST 28-29 Folk Dance Festival of Western Hungary BALATONFÖLDVÁR AUGUST 3-11 Continuation and Preparation Course for Hungarian F. D. Groups from Abroad * BUDAPEST 3-5 Folklore Plays in the Castle Theater/JYULA 5-6 Folk Art Exhibition MEZŐKÖVESD 9 Fifth Festival of Hungarian F. D. Ensembles from Abroad * BUDAPEST * For details, see April, 1979 issue. AUGUST - Continued 12-13 Patronál Festival BUZSÁK 19- 20 Jászság Days JÁSZBERÉNY 20 Csákvár Days CSÁKVÁR 20- 26 Friendship Festival MISKOLC 24-26 'Spinnery of Borsod" Folklore Exhibit and Folk Art Fair MISKOLC SEPTEMBER 21- 22 Vintage and F.D. Festival of Northern Hung. GYÖNGYÖS OCTOBER 6-7 F.D. Festival of Southern Hung. SZEKSZÁR D "Kállai Kettós" Festival NAGYKÁLLÓ Gypsy Patronál Fair CSATKA 14 Vintage SZENNA NOVEMBER Young Choreographers' Forum VESZPRÉM DECEMBER Dance Anthology '79 BUDAPEST •jfáts/yairan tyc/fc/a'ie tAetoiíeííel Vol.5. No. 1 July 1979 ISSN NUMBER: 0164-2537 Publication of the American Hungarian Folklore Centrum Box 262 Bogota, N. J. 07603 (201)343 - 5240 Appears Quarterly $ 3.00/ year in U. S. A. $ 4. 00 / year in Canada and elsewhere $ 0.75/ copy The purpose of Karikazo is to maintain communication and update the knowledge of all interested individuals and groups on the folklore, folk dance, music,art and ethnic life of Hungarians all over the world. Its content does not represent the opi­nion of any organized group Articles ap­pearing in the newsletter may be copied or reprinted only if the source, publish­er's name and address, furthermore the writer's name are cited. a************************************ The American Hungarian Folklore Cen­trum was established for the chief pur­pose of disseminating Hungarian folk cul­ture within the scholarly and public life of America. ************************************* Editor: Judith Magyar Assistant Editor : Margit Illés ^ 1 N. Y. Hungarian Scouts in'Hungarian Tapestry" Program performing'Palóc Karikázó" See article on p. 2. Photo: Ruben Jara EDITORIAL NOTE: THE CHANGE IN THE COLUMN AND LETTER SIZE OF THE NEWSLETTER WAS MADE IN OR­DER TO MAKE THE MATERIAL MORE LEGIBLE.