Karikázó, 1981. július - 1982. április (7. évfolyam, 1-4. szám)

1981-07-01 / 1. szám

1 ISSN NUMBER: 0164-2537 Publication of the Arnerican-Hungarian Folklore Cen t rum Box 262 Bogota, NJ 07603 (201)343-5240 Appears Quarterly $ 4.00 in U.S.A. $ 5.00 in Canada and elsewhere $ 1.00 per copy Complimentary to AHFC and Folk Museum members. The purpose of Karikazo is to maintain communication and update the knowledge of all interested individuals and groups on the folklore, folk dance, music, art and ethnic life of Hungarians all over the world. Its content does not represent the opinion of any organized group. Articles appearing in the newsletter may be copied only with the permission of the publisher and if the source, publisher's name and address, furthermore the writer's name are cited. ********************************* The American-Hungarian Folklore Centrum was established for the chief purpose of disseminating Hungarian folk culture within the scholarly and public life of America. Editor: Judith Magyar NEWS OF PONTOZÓ Organized by the American-Hungarian Folklore Centrum, the Third Folk Dance Symposium is planned to be held between July 9 and 16, 1982 at Fairleigh Dickinson University,in New Jersey. All previous symposium participants and Karikázó readers will receive an informative brochure during this surrmer, regarding program, staff and costs. The Symposium will be once more a wonderful opportunity to learn intensively Hungarian folk dancing and folk culture from a knowledgeable staff. l Andor Czompo, Kálmán and Judith Magyar, Eva Kish, László Kürti, Stephan Kotansky are among the U.S. residing members of staff. Sándor and Erzsébet Tímár are once again invited from Hungary, as well as the "Teka" Ensemble, thus expanding the symposium into the area of folk music, too. Pontozd Sunrmi t Festival will preceed the Symposium and will be held on July in the New York Metropolitan area, so that those who travel from far to attend the Symposium, can plan their vacation to include both events. Pontozó Toronto Regional Festival was held on July 28th. About 13 groups participated in the program. A report about this event is hoped to be printed in the next issue. Eastern Regional Pontozó Festival is planned for early 1982. Groups that wish to participate in this Pontozó event, should notify the American-Hungarian Folklore Centrum.Information will be sent out, regarding date and requirements. Also, persons or organizations that wish to sponsor a Pontozo Regional Festival in their area, can inquire from AHFC. These photos were taken during Tanchaz-es at the Second F.D. Symposium last suirmer, by (Silles Lasnier of Ottawa. Vo 1.7. No.]