Karikázó, 1986. július - 1987. április (12. évfolyam, 1-4. szám, 13. évfolyam, 1. szám)

1986-07-01 / 1-2. szám

ISSN NUMBER: 0164-2537 Publication of the American Hungarian Folklore Centrum Box 262 Bogota, N.J.07603 (2011836-4869 Appears Quarterly $ 5.00 / year in U.S.A. $ 6.00 / year in Canada and elsewhere $ 1.25/ copy The purpose of Karikazo is to maintain communication and update the knowledge of all interested individuals and groups on the folklore, folk dance, music,art and ethnic life of Hungarians all over the world. Its content does not represent the opi­nion of any organized group Articles ap­pearing in the newsletter may be copied or reprinted only if the source, publish­er's name and address , furthermore the writer's name are cited. The American Hungarian Folklore Cen­trum was established for the chief pur­pose of disseminating Hungarian folk cul­ture within the scholarly and public life of A me rica. Edi to r: Judith Magyar Victoria. Veress The Hungarian Symposium is a meeting of people mostly from North America who are interested in Hungarian folk dance, folk music, and folk culture. The symposium is a biennial event. This summer, from July 6th to the 13th, the fifth Hungarian Symposium was held at Buffalo Gap, West Virginia. The event is sponsored by the American-Hungarian Folklore Centrum, an organization based in New Jersey. Kalman and Judith Magyar have been the master minds who conceived the idea of the symposium and have expended an enormous amount of energy since the first one in 1978, planning and organizing these events. The intention of the symposium is to invite Hungary's most distinguished teachers of folk music and dance to come and teach, providing new material, new role models and direct contact with the latest from Hungary's folk dance and music scene to the participants of the symposium. Currently in Hungary, the "Táncház movement" is still a popular trend and is now in what has been referred to as its "second wave." Continued on p.2. FIFTH HUNGARIAN FOLK DANCE & MUSIC SYMPOSIUM