Karikázó, 1988. október - 1989. január (13. évfolyam, 2-3. szám)

1988-10-01 / 2-3. szám

ISSN NUMBJSK UIOU-ZOJ/ | Publication of the American-Hungarian Folklore Centrum Box 262, Bogota, NJ 07603 (201)836-4869 Appears Quarterly $ 5.00/year in USA t $ 6.00/year in Canada and elsewhere , $ 1.25/copy The purpose of Karikázó is to maintain I communication and update the knowledge of all ■ interested inidividuals and groups on the folklore, ■ folk dance, music, art and ethnic life of I Hungarians all over the world. Its content does not represent the opinion of ■ any organized group. Articles appearing in the I newsletter may be copied or reprinted only if the ■ source, publisher’s name and address, furthermore ■ the writer’s name are cited. The American-Hungarian Folklore Centrum was ■ established for the chief purpose of disseminating ■ Hungarian folk culture within the scholarly and I public life of America. Editor: Judith Magyar Assistant Editor: Andrea Papp On Saturday, November 7, 1987 at 7:30 pm a stage program of Hungarian folk dance and music was presented at the Theater of Montclair State College in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. The program was performed by and marked the 25. anniversary of a popular American-Hungarian performing group, the HUNGÄHIA FOLK DANCE ENSEMBLE. HUNGÄRIA FOLK DANCE ENSEMBLE 196 2-1 9 S 7 by Judith Magyar Top: László Vaskó and Judit Tamás in "Csárdás Csapás" - dances from Zemplén county. (Photo:Zoltán Nagy) Z5. ANNIVERSARY GALA SHOW The Hungária Ensemble in "Délalföldi Ugrós" (Photo:László Kerkay) Continued on page 2