Makkai László - Mócsy András (szerk.): History of Transylvania. II. From 1606 to 1830 - East European Monographs 593. Atlantic Studies on Society Change 107. (New York, 2001)

HISTORY OF TRANSYLVANIA General Editor: BELA KOPECZI Editors: LASZLO MAKKAI, ANDRAS MOCSY, ZOLTÁN SZASZ Assistant Editor: GABOR BARTA The Hungarian original by INSTITUTE OF HISTORY OF THE HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Editor of the English translation: BENNETT KOVRIG Primary translation by Peter Szaffko et al. Joint publication with the HUNGARIAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF CANADA A Research Ancillary of the University of Toronto Social Science Monographs, Boulder, Colorado Atlantic Research and Publications, Inc. Highland Lakes, New Jersey Distributed by Columbia University Press, New York 2002