Entomologica Romanica Vol. 20 / 2016


Entomologica romanica 20: 49-55, 2016 ISSN 1224-2594 / article no.: ER20201601 Deltocephalinae (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae) species in Southwestern Turkey with new records* Emine Demir Summary: In this study, Deltocephalinae (Cicadellidae) species collected from Gevne Valley and surrounding located in south western Turkey are evaluated faunistically, ecologically and zoo geographically. 57 species belonging to 36 genera from 10 tribes in the area have been identified. Determined species contain new records for Mediterranean and Central Anatolia Regions and Platymetopius (s. str) pseudoguttatus (Abdul-Nour, 1987) species are new record for Turkey. It is determined that the species identified in the study area are belonging to 21 different zoogeographical elements of endemism and the endemism ratio of area is 8.77 %. Also it is determined that Athysanini is the most dominant tribe in the area in terms of individual density with the ratio 46.84%. And 56.14% of species, wich have been determined, were collected from light trap, respectively. Key words: Deltocephalinae (Cicadellidae), faunistic assessment, zoogeographical assessment, ecological assessment, new records, south western Turkey. Introduction Faunistic records belonging to this suborder from Turkey have been given by Demir (2008). In the following years, Demir and Demirsoy (2008, 2016); Güqlü (2010); Önder et al. (2011); Koqak and Kemal (2012); Tezcan et al. (2003, 2010, 2013); Karavin et al. (2011); Zeybekoglu (2010), Zeybekoglu et al. (2015) Dursun and Fent (2016) have given Deltocephalinae (Cicadellidae), records from Turkey in their works and identified some new species for the scientific world. According to current literature, Turkey Deltocephalinae fauna is represented by 253 species belonging to 12 tribes. Research area including Gevne Valley and its surrounding area (including Geyik Mountain, Ak Mountain, Yildiz Mountain and Șeytan Mountain) are located in Southwest Turkey. It is in Antalya Part of the Mediterranean Region (Antalya Part: Burdur, Isparta, Antalya Province) and the Konya Section of the Central Anatolian Region (Konya Part: Konya, Aksaray, Karaman provinces) and located on the north­eastern part of Antalya province and on the southwest part of Konya province. It lies between 31°30’-32°45’ east latitudes and 37°30’-36°30’ northern latitudes and is 254-2877m above sea level. The research area is included in Mediterranean plant geography in terms of phytogeographical aspect. According to Akman (1995), there are many communities of Pinus brutia forests and garrigue or maquis dominated by 1000m, although the area has been destroyed by humans in many places. Sometimes P brutia occurs at over 1000m. These plant formations are included in the Quercetalia ilicis order in the Quercetea ilicis class. Forests in 1500m above zone consist of Cedrus libani, Abies cilicica, Pinus nigra ssp. pallasiana, Quercus infectoria ssp. boisseri, Q. libani, Juniperus excelsa, and J. drupacea species. These forest formations are included in the Querco- Cedretalia libani order of the Quercetea pubescentis class. In the research area, a total of 75 species are known, 59 from Antalya and 16 from Konya (Demir, 2008). Although Cicadomorpha is a crowded sub­­ordo, the number of species in Turkey has not yet been determined enough. According to the literature information, the available data indicate that the Anatolian records except for some regions are based on specimens obtained from the expeditions to large regions in limited time. For the determination of the Turkish fauna at sufficient levels, detailed work to be carried out in local areas such as this study is needed. Materials and methods In the research area, a field expedition was carried out in April-August 2006-2008 and 1061 Deltocephalinae specimens were collected from the region. Flea beetle specimens which were swept away by atrap from plants in different biotopes of the research area in daytime were taken by aspirator. *The present work includes only Cicadomorpha (excl. Deltocephalinae) (Hemiptera) part of the project