Hungarian Studies Review Vol. 32., 2005

HUNGARIAN STUDIES REVIEW HUNGARIAN STUDIES NATIONAL HUNGARIAN STUDIES ASSOC. OF CANADA SZECHENYI LIBRARY ASSOCIATION (USA) VOL. 32, NOS. 1-2 (SPRING-FALL 2005) EDITOR: NANDOR DREISZIGER, Royal Military College of Canada EDITORIAL ADVISERS SUBSCRIPTION MANAGER (for Hungary): TIMEA KIRALY (NSL) All correspondence (excepting matters pertaining to subscriptions in Hungary) should be addressed to: Prof. Nandor Dreisziger, Department of History, Royal Military Coll. of Canada, P.O.B 17000 STN FORCES, Kingston, ON K7K 7B4 Canada. E-mail: OR Subscribers in Hungary should contact Timea Kiraly, at the NSL. E-mail: Articles appearing in the HSR are indexed in: HISTORICAL ABSTRACTS and, AMERICA: HISTORY AND LIFE. Copyright © (2005) the Hungarian Studies Review. ISSN 0713-8083 (print, replacing 0317-204X); ISSN 1705-8422 (online) The Hungarian Studies Review is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to the pub­lication of articles and book reviews relating to Hungary and Hungarians. Since its launching in 1974, the Review has been a forum for the scholarly discussion of issues in Hungarian history, politics and cultural affairs. Subscriptions for individuals are $15.00 per annum. Institutional subscriptions are $25.00. Membership in either of the two Hungarian Studies Associations (of Canada or of the USA) includes a subscription. Visit: and (replacing: Statements and opinions expressed in the HSR are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the journal's editors. Desk-top typesetting by N. Dreisziger. Printed jn Hungary. Distributed by the National Szechenyi Library: Budavari Palota, F Epiilet, 1827 Budapest, Hungary. OLIVER BOTAR University of Manitoba GEORGE BISZTRAY University of Toronto BARNABAS A. RACZ Eastern Michigan U. AGATHA SCHWARTZ University of Ottawa THOMAS SPIRA U.P.E.I. GEZA JESZENSZKY Corvinus University, Budapest MARIA H. KRISZTINKOVICH Vancouver, B.C. ISTVAN MONOK National Szechenyi Library (NSL) THOMAS SAKMYSTER University of Cincinnati S.B. VARDY Duquesne University